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Johnny Feisty is happy to be here. He writes and says words and sometimes musics of various sorts and natures.

TV Copilot Patreon

Hello, person reading this post! We have launched a TV Copilot Patreon! If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s a way to support the artists you love in a support-y way! We will be shouting a lot so cover your ears! Check out the page and consider supporting the show if you’re a fan! Thanks!

TV Copilot Patreon

Commission work and other information…

I am in the process of some site refinements that will provide information on new projects (e.g., music, podcasts, voice) and how to contact me to commission music or voice work for your project. In the meantime, if you are looking for some music for a podcast, some radio-style stingers, bumpers, or something you think you’d like me to do, send me an email at I will respond to all project requests.

TV Copilot is anewly refreshed

I’m not convinced about the titling of this post, but I am certain that TV Copilot is back and actioning for action. If you haven’t a-checked it out, you must go to the links all over this site for it to listen. It’s a podcast, y’all. If you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to a podcast with a large cast that was all voiced by the same me, you should give it a hearing or two. For total serious.

Catching Up With Doctor Who

I’m now co-hosting a podcast with Ralff and Kim where we are doing what the title suggests: “Catching Up With Doctor Who.” It launched this week and is available on iTunes. We started watching from episode one of the reboot season with Christopher Eccleston and plan to continue to the end or our timeline gets corrupted. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to watch Doctor Who this is as good a time as any to start!

Show links:

  • Catching Up website
  • Subscribe on iTunes!
  • Subscribe the hard way!
  • Important Twitters!

  • @CatchingUpWith
  • Kim on Twitter (@Justkimolly)
  • Ralff on Twitter (@Ralffie)
  • Happy 2014


    As it is a new year and I haven’t been updating much recently, I wanted to mention that I have several new projects in the works. First and foremost will be renewing season 2 of TV Copilot podcast. There are a few other things I’d love to share, but I’m going to wait until they are ready to be released before I give any information. I am literally teasing you. Please don’t take it personally. Keep your eyes on this space for more information. What I want you to do is press your eyes against the screen until more information shows up. You may need to refresh the page, however. The page will not likely update itself unless there are some kind of website elves doing strange internet magic to my site.

    Important takeaways: keep your eyes on the page; keep clicking refresh.

    How I was both smooth and cool at Dragon Con

    Contender for my favorite few minutes of Dragon Con:
    Tweet at Paul & Storm to find out where the hell their merch table is, because the Dragon Con Marriott is a nightmare. Either [P] or [S] promptly tweet back the location (“woot”) so I then head over to said merch table.

    I notice Len Peralta is at the same merch table (who I’ve just met an hour earlier and is a wonderfully nice human being), so I say hello to Mr. Peralta. After purchasing some Geek a Week cards and a book, I scoot over to Mr. Storm. I ask Mr. S what panels they have upcoming and he mentions something about a Learning Channel panel which I’m guessing is a new network based on Learning Town but I’m also guessing might be a mistake so I fight the urge to ask because I don’t want to be that guy so I instead simply purchase a fancy t-shirt. While buying this fancy t-shirt, I notice a man who I think is Mike Phirman (musician/goofball extraordinaire who I greatly admire) that is sitting at the same table on the other side of Len Peralta. So more scooting ensues to the other side of the table…
    “Hi, are you Mike Phirman?”
    “Yes, I…”
    …at this moment as I’m reaching over to shake hands I’m also noticing a pile of CDs for sale in front of me that have the name Molly Lewis written on them and I look slightly behind the pile of CDs and realize the person sitting next to Mike Phirman is internet super fun awesome internet musical “celebrity” Molly Lewis and I can’t stop myself from blurting out…


    I will skip the next couple minutes of my brain trying to pick up the pieces of introductory conversation with a startled Mike Phirman and Molly Lewis at their merchandise table. I can only add that Molly Lewis was kind enough not to charge me when I tried to PAY HER A SECOND TIME FOR THE CDS I BOUGHT FROM HER 10 SECONDS EARLIER.

    I’m confident this went as smoothly as it could have possibly gone.